Science Web-Games

Here is a selection of digital science games that we like. Mobile users will need a Flash supporting browser, such as Puffin Academy, to use most of these games. We are on the lookout for non-Flash mobile science games, so please contact us, if you find one you like! For a good reference on more digital science games, click here.

Biology Games

Design your creatures, and watch them evolve. (This is not a Flash game.) Waltonia: A Darwin Sandbox

Can you help determine the chance of genetic disease inheritance? Sickle Cell DNA

What’s a stem cell? Create a Stem Cell Line

We challenge you to match each animal to its adaptation! Animal Adaptations

Learn about bioaccumulation. Chain Reaction: Build a Food Chain

Physics Games

Which of these simple machines do you use everyday? Simple Machines

What’s the difference between a simple and a compound machine? Compound Machines

Here’s a fun way to think about different kinds of energy! Energy Flows

Drop, bounce, melt, and blow your ball to the goal. LaunchBall

Golf in space! Gravitee 2

The following is not a game, but a collection of fun references about “Simple Machines Used in Elevators.” Thank you for sharing this information with us, Dakota!

Earth Science Games

Practice using weather map symbols. Weather

It’s a battle of CO2 fighters against polluters. Planet Protectors

Here’s a multiple-choice kind of game to find out what you know about the sun. (This is not a Flash game.) Solar Tricktionary

Multiplayer boardgame on a weather map with meteorology questions Wild Weather Adventure

Tour our solar system while enjoying several mini-games. Explore the Solar System


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